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So what the hell is the purpose of this website? It's a collection of reviews for obscure arcade games you probably have never played, or even heard of for that matter... and articles on other fun trivial arcade game facts. I promise your life will be completely enriched by the rare, yet useless information provided here.

This website looks like shit and won't win any web design awards. You have been warned. Also, this site makes gratuitous use of title tags on images. If you're not mouseover'ing images, you're missing out on some dumb jokes!

March 7th, 2023 - New article - The Operation Ragnagard Incident!

Yeah, just gonna casually drop an update there. No big deal, it's only been like... 10 years since the last content update on this website? Is that right? Well... uh... hey, how's it going everyone. I'm not dead or anything! Hooray!

See you in 2033 for the next exciting update on BBH's Waste of Bandwidth! (just kidding, I'm pretty sure I can finish something else before then, hopefully......)

August 8th, 2018 - Aaaaand we're back.
At some point in early January 2018, things started going wonky with the domain that this site has been hosted on since 2004. Basically it decided to kill every normal index.html page with an "Access denied." error, and deny me a way to log in to the FTP at all to fix it. My attempts to email the admininstrator were met with silence, so this page just kinda languished in disarray for 6 months or so. But the good folks at wanted to take me in and make sure this webpage still had some sort of presence on the internet, so here we are!
No, there's no new content here. I know I haven't added a full-fledged review or anything since 2013. Will it ever be updated again? Maybe! Never say never. For the time being though, this page will continue to serve as an archive for my old silly writings. I still stream a lot of arcade game related stuff on my twitch channel, so if you're interested in arcade game ramblings from me then you should probably stop by there sometime!
Apologies in advance if there's any dead links pointing to, I think I went through all the pages to make sure everything was updated but it's possible I missed something. Please let me know if this is the case.
See You Next!

April 4th, 2016 - So... uh... 2015 came and went, and I never updated this website. Exactly as expected!
I will instead say that I've actually been livestreaming a lot of MAME stuff on my twitch channel lately! I started a series called "MAME Roulette" where I play MAME games chosen completely at random. Sometimes I have interesting things to say about the games that come up, other times I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing! But it's a good time all around.
All the past archives get saved as highlights, and I also upload them to my youtube channel as well. So if the lack of updates here makes you sad and you're jonesin for a BBH fix, go comb through the archives and you might find something interesting. As for an actual update to this website? Um... I'll get back to you on that, maybe...

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