The basic concept behind this glitch is that when you do a Babality, the character goes into their win pose. But for some strange yet wonderful reason, doing a special move will take you out of the win pose immediately to let you do the attack. You can't interrupt the win pose with a normal attack. Once a special move is performed though, you're given the opportunity to move the character around again and then do normal moves on the baby if you so desire.

Of course, different special moves have different effects....

Like Jax's "Gotcha" grab. If you do it after performing the Babality motion once, normally there'd be no "normal" human body there. But Jax's grab magically makes the full-sized human version reappear. And even though it's the regular version getting pounded, it's the baby that's really taking the punishment... the poor baby ends up disappearing completely after its grown-up version is punched. And then regular Shang Tsung just remains frozen in the air there, paralyzed and unable to do anything. How odd.

Johnny Cage's split punch has an interesting effect on the baby. Instead of making the baby disappear, it makes them shoot up into the air and start floating. Not exactly sure why, and the baby doesn't even disappear on its own (unless you attack it afterwards, of course... hitting them with the axe kick is fun)

Or perhaps you'd rather have Kitana fan lift them into the air instead. I find this to be even more hilarious since they slowly rise into the air, and then disappear anyway if you don't attack them after they get raised up.

Subby sure looks proud about the fact that he froze a baby. This one makes me laugh a lot too, since the freeze actually turns the baby blue, just like it would on the regular body. And what happens when the freeze wears off...? That's right, the baby disappears completely. Notice a trend yet?

Here's a combination of two Babalities and Raiden's "GETBACKINTHECAR" torpedo push. Not only does the torpedo freeze the normal body, it ended up raising one of the babies (in this case, the duplicate Kung Lao baby) into the air and freezing him there too.

While these are some amusing examples of the Babality glitch, there's even more weirdness in store.