The most obvious tipoff that there's something very wrong with Babalities in Revision 2.1 can be seen if you use Shang Tsung. Let's say you morph into another character before Finish Him comes up, and you do their Babality motion. What's supposed to happen is that Shang is immediately supposed to morph back and go into his "What the fuck are YOU looking at" win pose. But he doesn't go into the win pose, instead he returns to his regular pose, and you can immediately start moving Shang around.

...except when he morphs back, for some reason Shang decides to float a couple inches off the ground. You can't do attacks immediately, but you can move him around... if you walk around on the ground, bringing Shang to a stop will make him fall back down to the ground. This in itself is quite hilarious because he has to dramatically fall those few inches onto his back and make that meaty sound effect of him hitting the pavement. Then after falling down you can uppercut the baby or whatever.

Here's a fun little trick, Mileena is the only one who can COMBINE a Fatality and Babality together! Keep this in mind - one of Mileena's Fatalities is done by holding down the High Kick button, and then releasing next to the opponent. Her Babality motion is done by Down, Down, Down + High Kick. Babalities can be done anywhere on the screen, but if you choose to do it right next to the opponent... well, chances are that the Fatality will kick in immediately after the Babality, even if you didn't hold down the High Kick button for very long.

What happens exactly? First the baby appears and then Mileena begins the "sucking" part where she normally swallows the body whole. At this point the regular body reappears and the baby starts shaking on the ground. When she's finished with the sucking (hur hur insert your own pun here), the baby floats up near her shoulder and stays there while she spits out the bones. So where did the bones come from if both the baby and the regular body are frozen there?

And then there's a "trick" that actually made its way into GamePro... well okay, it was the April Fool's Day "LamePro" edition where they printed some actual tricks that were worthless since they would lock up or crash the game. This happens to fall into the latter.

Pick Baraka, do his Babality right next to the opponent, and then do his rapid blade slice (Back, Back, Back + Low Punch). The ensuing carnage is too much for the baby, and the game crashes and soft resets! (that's what happened on the arcade machine anyway. Do it in MAME and you crash the emulator completely!) This was a really cruel thing to do to people, and I do remember actually fooling one person with it back in the arcades. "Yeah man, do Baraka's Babality and then rapid slice the baby up, it's AWESOME!" "Okay... DUDE WHAT THE FUCK" *runs away*

So there you have it. More than you ever wanted to know about a glitch that hardly anyone remembers. But these screenshots alone do not do it justice, no sir. It's something you really should experience for yourself. Part of the fun is hearing the baby crying right before delivering a cruel smackdown to erase the baby from the screen. And there's such a wide variety of things to do, it's a blast seeing the different effects of combinations of multiple Babality motions + special moves. Many thanks to Midway for not thoroughly beta testing their games before rushing them out to the arcades, none of this fun stuff would have surfaced if they'd taken their time with it before releasing the game. Whew!

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