Tadoya Building - 9F

Another short floor. Walk from the right to the left, there are three doors to enter along the way, all containing hostages. Do they have anything interesting to say?

... of course not.

Well then, moving on...

Tadoya Building - 10F

Walk two spaces to the right... oh look, an elevator. And there's absolutely nothing else on this floor. Hot damn, we're making rapid progress now!

Tadoya Building - 11F

A -
B -

C -
D -

Not as simple as the last two floors unfortunately, but still relatively short. Unfortunately, it'll still take you some time to get through this one... because just like on 12F, most of the encounters will be with midbosses. Just lovely. Hopefully you took the time to get those brass knuckles to speed up the fights!

And the lone vertical hallway has more enemies worth 600 EXP too. That's cool. Head west after walking up the hallway and go into the door at the end to fight Machine.

Oh fantastic, it's another palette-swapped boss. Well, I guess they removed the bandages from this guy's (ugly) face... and then gave him an assault rifle. Hoooo boy.

So he's just like every other muscle guy you run into along the way, except he also has the ability to shoot you. Or attack you with the butt of the gun itself (guess he's trying to save ammo sometimes too). His gunfire attack comes out pretty damn fast so he's a very dangerous foe... try to beat him to the punch with your own gun, and then hope you've got the timing down perfect on the hook punch loop. Lather rinse repeat when he reaches the left edge of the screen, don't be stingy with your own ammo to get the initial knockdown. Trying to stab him with the knife instead is risky because of his near-instant gunfire (which you can't duck, since it's a boss room!).

Not much else to say about him. Kill him quickly and get key card #3, then get ready for some more midboss battles on the way to the elevator! (Don't bother entering the last two doors before the elevator, there's nobody inside either one)

Tadoya Building - 14F

A -
B -

C -
D -
Health Restoration

E -
F -

G -
H -
Ambush Trap

I -
J -
Extra Map Room...?
K -
Fresh Knife
L -
Ambush Trap

Yes, the elevator on the 11th floor will take you straight to the 14th floor. Remember that the 12th and 13th floors are only there for the sidething involving the brass knuckles. So the good news is, there's only three floors left... but this is the first 5-row floor since B1 of the first building. Of course they'd start making them longer again now that we're getting near the end...

This is an important floor because it's the last time you'll be able to find friendly hostages to give you a machinegun and health restoration. And it's the only other time in the game you can find a hostage who gives you a new knife! Wowee!

Strangely, none of the hostages on this floor have anything to say about there being a boss on this floor. And if you skipped some of the doors, you might miss him because he's right in the middle of the floor, instead of being at the end like most bosses typically have been.

Oh wow. Is this... a new boss sprite? I mean, he kinda maybe looks similar to some other guys but I guess it's just the art style in general. Regardless, this isn't a palette-swap of Baldy McScrewdriver or Muscle Dude so hey, awesome!

Anyway, this boss's name is Geese (yes, Geese)... but he doesn't really bear any resemblance to his Fatal Fury namesake. He has a knife and he tries to stab you with it. Also, he does some kicking. Mmmmmhmm.

And then there's this weird thing he does where he ducks down and slowly disappears from the screen, then slowly comes back up into view. He's invincible while he's creeping down and up, but I don't really understand the point of this attack otherwise. It's not exactly very sneaky.

Yap... another somewhat meh boss fight. Amusingly though, when you have done enough damage to him, he pulls up his "shirt" and reveals 11 sticks of dynamite strapped to him. Then he blows himself up right in your face in a surprisingly wimpy explosion, one that won't take you with him despite his dying wishes. Your reward for his failed murder-suicide attempt is key card #5 (which again might make you worry that you missed key card #4 along the way, but don't worry, you did not). And then Roy leaves the room without checking on the hostage that Geese was threatening or whatever. Jerkass Roy.

You still got a bit of a walk ahead of you before you reach the elevator, but don't forget to pick up that shiny new knife!!!

Tadoya Building - 15F

A -
BOSS (if entered room B first)
B -

C -
BOSS (if skipped room B)
D -

E -

Lots of vertical hallways on this floor. Like B1 in the first building, this is a floor where the boss can appear in one of two locations. It all depends on whether or not you talk to the guy in room B. If you talk to him, the boss will appear in room A. If you don't talk to him, the boss will be waiting in room C instead. Seeing how room A is a bit out of the way, but room C is along the way to the elevator... yeah, just don't talk to the guy at all. He's an asshole anyway since his information isn't entirely accurate. (although all the screenshots I took of the boss were from room A... I just like that background better, ok!)

If you've been paying attention to the portraits of the leaders at the top of the screen, you can probably guess that the next boss.... is female? Could that possibly mean a new, non palette-swapped enemy to fight?!

When you enter either of the aforementioned rooms, it might seem like you've found another innocent hostage - a woman sits on the ground clutching her head, rambling "TERRORISTS CAME IN... AND... ME". But then she takes her opportunity to strike, by stabbing with a knife and exclaiming "TAKE IT SLOWLY!" (which might make one worry that it's another case of poisoning bullshit, but thankfully this doesn't happen again, and the knife does almost no damage in this pre-fight scene). A pretty cunning plan, because who would've expected the next leader to look anything like her? (unless you were somehow ignoring the aforementioned boss profiles at the top of the screen...)

Meet Pink. The keeper of the last keycard and the only leader left standing between you and the organization's King is... a buxom blonde babe in a tight strapless red dress...? Seriously?! After everything else you've gone through, how much of a fight could this woman really put up? I mean okay sure, she does have a knife. But as it turns out, she has a couple other interesting attacks too...

Even though she's obviously equipped with a knife, she's usually perfectly content with ignoring the use of said weapon and decide to just punch the shit out of you instead, like most of the rest of this terrorist group. Alright, that's not very interesting...

.... or she'll try to kick you. HIGH kick you, to be exact. You wouldn't expect a woman dressed up like that to be doing karate kicks, but she's not going to let something trivial like a dress keep her from planting a high heel in your face! And since this game is played in a first-person view... yup, that means you get an unavoidable pantyshot. What a nice little surprise! It's one of the most blatant and shameless cases of a pantyshot in a video game... not that there's anything wrong with that, obviously! Frankly, a little "fanservice" is welcome after all the monotony in the rest of the game. Think of it as a nice little bonus for managing to get this far (even if it's from some psycho terrorist woman trying to kill you).

She also has an attack in which she... well, scratches at you with her nails (hereafter referred to as THE NAILS). This amuses me for several reasons, mainly being that even though she has a knife, she will decide instead to go for a more "natural" method of drawing blood. But it's also strangely amusing that it's actually her most dangerous means of attack, as not only is it slightly more powerful than her punch or kick, it also comes out incredibly fast and can easily overpower your own attacks because of its speed. It's also usually done twice in a row in quick succession, which could lead to you losing 3 or 4 points of your life instantly! It's one of the goofiest attacks in the game for sure, up there with Baldy's screwdriver poke.

Pink is quite honestly my favorite part of the game. After everything the game's put you through up to this point, having to fight her feels completely out of left field (and I mean that in a good way). It's just so unfortunate that the designers spent time creating a great character that practically nobody would ever see, because most arcade players would give up on the game long before reaching this stage. They palette-swapped the hell out of every other enemy (and some of the bosses), reusing them over and over and over and over, and yet this is the only time her sprite got used. Doesn't that feel like a waste?

I could go on and on... and I will! But I've decided to put all that on a separate page, let's call it the Pink Appreciation Station. Click away for eXcLuSiVe sprite rips of all her animation frames (some of them hidden and never used by the game!) and some other fun and educational things (like what might happen if you fight her on a Japanese system... yes, there is a very noteworthy difference). Trust me, you won't be disappointed (although you may start to question my sanity for being so obsessive over this).

Unfortunately, despite being technically the second-most powerful member of the terrorist organization, she's really not that difficult to kill with repeated knife stabbings (she can just take way more hits than anyone except for the last boss). A shame, really. So enjoy the fight while it lasts (and leave a memory card save or emulator savestate first if you want to come back). Well, I guess that about wraps things up..

...oh, there's still one floor left? Ohhhh yeah, there's a big boss and an ending to get to and all that! Right right right. Well with the final key card you can access the 16th and final[ly] floor. If Pink was such a refreshing surprise, there's gotta be an even bigger payoff at the end, right?!

The final floor awaits.